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Scooterpac Ignite Mini


The Ignite Mini should only be operated by a single person, who is not suffering from any condition which impairs vision, hearing, eyesight or the ability to react to sudden changes in surroundings. If you suffer from any of the above, it is recommended that you seek advice from your doctor before operating the Ignite Mini

  • Only drive over obstacles and up kerbs at the lowest point and at right angles.
  • Sudden turns or sudden changes in speed are not recommended.
  • Avoid steep surfaces if there is a risk of skidding due to icy or wet surfaces.
  • Avoid going over loose surfaces such as gravel.
  • Always tackle gradients straight i.e. do not drive in zigzags.
  • Do not turn the Ignite Mini around on inclined surfaces.
  • Do not drive the Ignite Mini down steps.
  • Always drive forwards down gradients, kerbs and other obstacles.

Anti-Tip Wheels

The Ignite Mini is fitted with rear anti-tip wheels. These are an emergency failsafe that should never be relied upon in normal operation. These are designed to stop the Ignite tipping backwards on a steep incline. Should you see any damage to the wheels, you should cease using the scooter and take it to a certified mechanic who can ensure that the chassis has not been damaged

Safe Inclines

The Ignite Mini can climb inclines of up to 15˚ without danger. On this 15˚ incline, the Ignite Mini can stop, brake and turn. It is possible to attempt steeper inclines, but we strongly suggest that you do not. To reduce the possibility of tipping backwards on inclines, lessen the load on the back of the scooter by sliding the seat forward as much as possible and leaning forward.

Intended Use

The Ignite Mini is designed for use on smooth pavement or roadway, in accordance with local laws. The Ignite Mini can be used in wet and windy weather, but discretion should be used when planning a journey in adverse weather conditions. If there is more than 1cm of water standing on the pavement, extra care should be taken as the scooter may have reduced ability to grip and steer. Under no circumstances should more than one person operate the Ignite Mini at one time.


The Ignite Mini is fitted with a mechanical steering column that ideally should be operated with both hands. When the Ignite is stationary the steering may feel a little heavy or stiff. Steering will become lighter whilst the scooter is in motion. For the most accurate steering the Ignite Mini should be moving forwards or backwards at a controllable speed. Gently push one side of the tiller away from you, allowing the Ignite Mini to begin turning. Make sure that you are continually observing your surroundings during any manoeuvre.

Battery Care

The battery assembly in your Ignite Mini should not require any maintenance on a day-to-day basis, however access may be required. The batteries are located under the seat, protected by a plastic shroud – secured by one thumb screw. To access the batteries, the seat must be removed. Before removing the seat, disconnect both heated seat connections. The seat can then be removed by pulling directly upwards. This can be done by grasping the black lever on the right-hand side underneath the seat & pulling it towards the front of the vehicle. Once the maintenance has been completed, ensure that the thumb screw is used to refit the battery cover securely, without crushing or bending any wires. Replace the seat ensuring its locked in place and test the fitting for tightness to avoid danger to any user. Reconnect the heated seat connections.

Tyre Pressures

The tyres on the Ignite Mini are designed to give a good balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Incorrectly inflated tyres may lead to poor handling, reduced range and increased wear. The tyres should always have at least 3mm of tread to provide adequate grip on the road surface. If the tyres become worn, they should be replaced before the Ignite Mini is used again.


The Ignite Mini comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty when purchased new from an authorised Scooterpac dealer. During the warranty period any part which becomes defective due to faulty workmanship or materials will be repaired by the Scooterpac dealer from which it was purchased. If a repair cannot be completed a replacement part will be fitted. If a manufacturing defect is found, it must be reported in writing to the Scooterpac dealer from which the Ignite Mini was purchased from within 28 days of purchase.

Items considered to have a limited lifespan including batteries and tyres will not be covered if they are deemed to have undergone excessive wear and tear or misuse. The warranty does not cover damage arising from improper use of the product, after-market modifications or accidental damage. The warranty is non-transferable. The warranty does not extend to the consequential costs resulting from fault clearance, freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, expenses, etc. The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by misuse or non-observation of the instructions set out in this user manual.