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Orchid Medicare

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The Orchid Medicare brand was established in 2011, their product portfolio includes specialist Bathing Equipment and Moving & Handling Equipment for the Medical and Healthcare industries.

Orchid Medicare products are designed by in-house technical design department and manufactured in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Designed to support users and assist carers in every day aspects of providing care

The range of showering and bathing equipment has been designed with end-users and carers in mind. We understand the complexities associated with certain medical and health conditions; this is why our product range is highly specialised with technical features and various accessories that meet the specific needs of the clients.

Their products include 3-in-1 Bathing Solution, Tilt in Space Shower Cradle, Shower Cradle, Travel Shower Cradle, Shower Trolley, Paediatric Folding Travel Bath Cradle, In-Bath Bathing Cradle, Over-Bath Bathing Cradle and a fantastic range of optional accessories.

Products have been designed by expert in-house technical teams

We are continuously expanding our knowledge, product range, and exploring innovative technologies and ideas with the help of our in-house design team, that are trained to use the latest modelling and design software package. We invest heavily in new product development ensuring we can bring top of the range equipment to the Healthcare market.

Each product is Manufactured, Powder Coated & Despatched all under one roof

The factory is fully equipped with top of the range engineering machinery, extensive welding facilities and a fully automated powder coat paint line which enable us to produce high quality products that meet the needs of various end users.
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The Orchid Tilt-in-Space Shower Cradle is a solution designed to streamline personal care and enhance the showering experience for the end user. The tilting function gives the option of an upright ...
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The Orchid Medicare 3-in-1 bathing solution is designed to assist carers in providing personal care incorporating showering, bathing and toileting needs. The 3-in-1 bathing solution can be used as ...
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