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Taking a Folding Mobility Scooter on a Plane: A Comprehensive Guide

Flying with a Mobility Scooter: A Complete Guide | Plenty Mobility


Navigating air travel with a mobility scooter can seem daunting, but with advancements in compact, foldable mobility scooters from Betty&Bertie, taking to the skies has never been easier. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about flying with your mobility aid, focusing on UK airline regulations and tips for a smooth journey.

Understanding Airline Policies for Mobility Scooters

can you take a folding mobility scooter on a plane

General Airline Rules for Folding Mobility Scooters

Betty&Bertie's range of folding mobility scooters, including the Zinnia model, are designed to meet airline regulations, featuring lithium batteries with a capacity of less than 300Wh. This specification aligns with the requirements of most airlines, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

Specific Airline Policies

For those planning to fly with the Lupin model, which originally comes with a 360Wh battery, Betty&Bertie offers an airsafe battery option (Lupin Airsafe Battery) at 288Wh to comply with airline regulations. It's crucial to check with your airline, as some may have a lower capacity limit of 160Wh.

EasyJet, a popular choice among UK travelers, outlines specific policies for mobility equipment:

  • Mobility aids that can be manually lifted into the aircraft hold are accepted.
  • Notifying EasyJet 48 hours before departure is recommended to ensure accommodation.
  • Two items of mobility equipment per passenger are carried free of charge, in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

Preparing Your Mobility Scooter for Air Travel

How to Prepare for Traveling on a Plane With Your Mobility Scooter

Preparing your mobility scooter for air travel involves ensuring the battery complies with airline regulations. For Betty&Bertie scooters, this means either ensuring your scooter's battery is under the 300Wh limit or, for Lupin users, switching to the Lupin Airsafe Battery.

Disassembling and Packing Your Scooter

While Betty&Bertie's scooters are designed for easy folding rather than disassembly, ensuring your scooter is in its most compact form and knowing how to quickly fold it at the airport gate can streamline the boarding process.

Notifying the Airline in Advance

Informing the airline about your mobility scooter and its specifications, especially the battery, is essential. This notification allows the airline to make necessary preparations and ensures you can bring your scooter all the way to the gate.

Mobility Scooter Storage and Handling on Planes

Where is the Scooter Stored in the Plane?

Your mobility scooter will be stored in the hold luggage. However, you can bring it through the airport and to the gate, where it will be taken by airline staff to be carefully loaded into the aircraft hold.

Do Wheelchairs or Scooters Count as Luggage?

According to UK airline policies, such as those from EasyJet, mobility scooters do not count as part of your standard luggage allowance and are carried free of charge.

Mobility Scooter Batteries and Air Travel

Can I Take a Mobility Scooter Battery on a Plane?

Yes, but the battery must be carried on the aircraft in your hand luggage. Ensure the battery is within the airline's allowed capacity, typically under 300Wh, or 160Wh for airlines with stricter regulations.

Costs and Insurance

Will I Be Charged Extra for My Mobility Scooter?

No, mobility aids like scooters are transported free of charge on UK airlines, provided they meet the necessary regulations.

Travel Tips and Useful Information

FAQs and Useful Information for Travelers

  • How do you take a scooter on a plane? Inform the airline about your scooter and its battery, fold the scooter at the gate, and carry the battery onto the plane.
  • Navigating the Holidays with Your Scooter: Traveling during peak times requires early arrival at the airport and clear communication with airline staff.

Benefits of a Folding Scooter

Betty&Bertie's folding mobility scooters offer unparalleled convenience for travelers, ensuring you can always bring your essential mobility aid on your adventures.

Travelling with Additional Mobility and Medical Equipment

How Much Mobility Equipment Can I Take?

UK airlines typically allow two pieces of mobility equipment per passenger, in addition to the baggage allowance, ensuring you can travel with all necessary aids.


Traveling with a mobility scooter requires some preparation, but with Betty&Bertie's travel-friendly designs and a clear understanding of airline policies, the world is yours to explore. Always remember to check with your specific airline for the most current policies and procedures to ensure a smooth journey.

Additional Resource

For more information on specific airline policies regarding mobility scooters, please refer to the following links:

Safe travels from the team at Plenty Mobility